Did you know Yoga is Therapeutic? Did you know that Yoga has Healing Powers?

“My sessions consist of Personalized Proper Alignment, Form and Grace”— Lizette Monty

Private Yoga Sessions can help:

  • Manage & reduce stress. Quiet the mind, improve concentration, improve mood changes, reduce stress and sleep better.
  • Manage health conditions and challenges by greatly reducing or eliminating your symptoms. Manage health conditions, pain management and challenges by greatly reducing inflammation, increasing flexibility and strength.
  • Resolve old and new injuries. Learn the development of safe practice and alleviate any pain or suffering. Resolve old and new injuries. Learn the development of safe practice with proper alignment and modifications of yoga poses to alleviate any pain and suffering.
  • Improve your overall quality of life and vitality with guided information on natural health remedies and super healthy dietary suggestions.

New Students

  • If you are just learning Yoga, you may find it intimidating to attend a workshop with others. Private sessions allow a one-on-one ability to primarily focus on your personal needs of learning proper breathing & yoga flow movements and transitions. This will help you integrate into a class more comfortably with efficiency and self awareness.

Experienced Students

  • Gain a deeper insight into postures & sequences. Become even more enlightened with heightened meditation and breathing practices by bringing your attention inwards.

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