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Viva La Yoga is the manifestation of the natural human body. The breath and freedom comes when every part of the body is active, letting us be free in whatever postures we are doing.
Viva La Yoga is a sacred opportunity for anyone to connect with the mind, body, spirit and in essence, nurturing the soul. By bringing attention and feeling your breath, you create space with the asanas/postures falling naturally into your body while connecting to Mother Earth, you find your foundation. You will feel the soothing and active quality of the poses.

Viva La Yoga is like a lotus flower… It does not unfold with difficulty, blossoming infinitely.

I AM blessed to be able to share yoga, it’s transformation, healing and life changing gifts.


Lizette Monty

Lizette Monty, Certified Yoga Instructor

Lizette Monty, Certified Yoga Instructor

Along with running her own Real Estate Firm Marlin Real Estate and raising two amazing daughters on her own, at some point during her journey she found her love for yoga.

In fact, to be precise in 2001, Lizette went out fishing on her boat (something she did quite often) and finally caught her dream fish, a 250 lb Blue Marlin. This was an amazing accomplishment for her but unfortunately it came with its burden, three herniated discs in her lower back. It was at that very moment that her life would change forever and she would discover a new passion in life, a love to not only heal herself but to eventually teach others how to heal with the yoga practice.

Flash forward to the present day and Lizette finds herself feeling healthier and stronger then ever especially embarking on her newest venture “Viva la Yoga“.


Yoga Classes will be held outdoors at Park View Island, Miami Beach

Wednesdays • 6:00pm
Saturdays • 9:00am

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Take Your Yoga PracticeTo A Whole New Level!

Did you know Yoga is Therapeutic?Did you know that Yoga has Healing Powers?Read more
Each individual private session is tailoredto your own unique, personal needs & goals.
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Give The Gift of Yoga

The best gift you can give yourself ora loved one, is the gift of yoga.
Yoga is not just about working out, it’s about choosing to live a healthier lifestyle and creating a better you!
Gift Certificates are availablein 1, 3, 5, or 10custom-tailored, individualized sessions.
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Park View Island • 867 Michael Street • Miami Beach, Florida 33141


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867 Michael Street,
Miami Beach, FL 33141

Phone: 305.216.6400
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